We offer spaces for rent in Riverside Tower office building, located in Grozavesti. Extended in 16 floors and situated in an extremely advantageous location, Riverside Tower satisfies all companies that are interested to be in one of the major focus areas of Bucharest and rent office space in this region.
Both multinationals and start ups companies will find suitable office space to their needs and desires. In Riverside Tower you have the opportunity to rent office space starting from 100 square meters.

Advantageous location and facilities
The building is located on Splaiul Independentei, nr. 291-293, on the banks of Dambovita River and has a number of advantages, in both terms of nearby public transportation and shopping centers in the area:

  • Easy access to public transportation. The building is located about 150 m away from the Grozavesti subway station, tram and bus stations;
  • Bus station in front of the building;
  • AFI Cotroceni Palace, one of the most impressive shopping malls in Bucharest is just 10 minutes walk;
  • Easy access to one of the largest shopping centers in the city – Carrefour Orchideea (250 m);
  • The building is positioned right vis-à-vis to the student campus Regie of University Polytechnic, the largest student campus from Eastern Europe. Approximately 25,000 students live on campus and are studying in technical fields and programming, which can be an important advantage for IT companies looking to develop their business in this field;
  • Riverside Tower is in proximity to Dambovita Center, another shopping center which is under construction and will be a reference point for residents in Grozavesti area;
  • Quick and easy access to central areas of the capital such as Union Square and the Otopeni or Baneasa airports. Also, the Bucharest ring road is just 7 km away.

zone Facilities map

Access to the building can be made by two routes:

  1. Splaiul Independence – the main street with two directions;
  2. Stefan Marinescu Street – secondary street.

Technical information and certifications

Riverside Tower is a class A office building, extremely modern and comfortable. Energy, ventilation and heating systems are performing at optimal parameters, and work as it follows:

  1. Energy system. The building is based on an energy efficient system and holds the energy performance certificate category A.
  2. Air conditioning system is efficient and modern, consisting of four pipes connected to fans and located in the false ceiling, accompanied by air handling units;
    • Indoor temperature is controlled by a thermostat;
    • The ventilation system allows fresh air to enter and prevents the toxic air like smoke from a potential fire;
    • Fresh air constantly circulates in the building, coming from 32 air handling units that filter outside air and change the air in the office area in accordance with US standards and distributes it homogeneous;
    • In the event of a power failure, a 200 KVA generator will take over supply, ensuring functioning elevators and interior air circulation in the building;
    • The ventilation system takes into account a high degree of human density: 8M3 / person.
  3. Heating system. I.S.C.I.R. station is located on the 15th floor and is equipped with two boilers of 630 KW each.

Architectural facilities and security
The building has a modern architecture, built of durable materials:

  • The structure is made entirely of concrete (pillars, beams, walls);
  • Energy efficient lighting by using fluorescent tube T5;
  • Parking in front of the building;
  • 3 interior lifts and 3 exterior panoramic lifts with a speed of 2.5m / sec and high capacity (73 people);
  • Access control system offers a high degree of security because it uses access cards to enter the building and each floor;
  • CCTV system recording nonstop the building perimeter and the inside common areas;
  • Building Management System (BMS) continuously monitors and controls the electronic and mechanical equipment of the building, such as ventilation, heating, lighting and security systems;
  • Exterior Backside Balcony at each level of the building.